New Blog, ambitious times what with this ol’ beauty needing attention, but felt the need and hope it’s enjoyed! Check it out!

The Chatty Fox Fem's It Up.

Being a feminist is like having tattoos on an obvious part of your body, you know you’ll always be looked down on in certain types of places.  And sometimes that’s half the fun.  To suggest that you are a feminist is to be au fait with a corresponding lip curl.  Or an argument.  Like the word Cunt and the industry therein, it has taken us years a to begin to reclaim the word.  No reclaimation necessary, for my friends it has always been ours.

As a proverbial sapling in this world they call ‘blog’ it seems sensible to begin by making my intentions clear (and relying heavily on spellcheck).  Following a spate of articles/books/inane comments and shallow insights in to what it is to be ‘female’, there has been a dilution of the subject to the point where, like a cheap squash, it has a rather unaccountable but nasty flavour. …

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